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Terms & Conditions

With respect to my clients, the attendance and payment rules apply equally to all.

Class time tables runs in line with Kent School term times and are bookable as a block of classes to be paid in advance for each full term. Summer and Holiday classes to be booked and paid for on a drop in basis.

Please read these terms and conditions and please click here to download and sign the enrolment form prior to committing to a class.


Please inform your teacher of your pregnancy. This information will be treated as confidential.

The general guidance is that, provided the pregnancy progresses normally, Pilates classes can be attended for up to 16 weeks.

After week 16, anti-natal classes are recommended.

Returning to the class after delivery

Please seek advice from your midwife/GP as to a return date. General advice is to wait until after the 6 week check up.

Returning to the class after surgery

Please seek medical clearance before returning to the class.

Matwork Classes

All classes to be booked as a block and paid in full at a rate of £9 per class at the beginning of each term. Class payment is non refundable.

Catch up classes are offered for any missed attendance. Catch up classes can be at a different date and venue to the usual class, depending on space availability.

Matwork classes can only be made up at another matwork class.

Any missed attendance can be made up for up to 3 months following a missed class.

Special circumstances

In any instance of surgery, serious injury or bereavement any missed classes will be credited as a class credit.

The place at the class will be reserved to the end of the current term and the following term. After 2 terms the class space will be offered out and a full refund will be given.

Prolonged absence for long standing clients

If you know you will miss a number of sessions in a given term, you might choose to ‘pay as you go’ for classes.

The rate is £11 per session and you only pay for the sessions attended.

Please note this is not a permanent payment option.

Private Sessions

Private session can be booked individually at the cost of £45 per hour.

For any regular slots or a one off session please speak to Joanna about availability.

All private sessions are held either at the Pilates Movement Matters Studio (Albert Street, Whitstable) or at Canterbury Pilates Studio (St Dunstans, Canterbury).

A 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all private sessions – full payment will be charged if sessions are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Pilates Movement Matters Studio

All classes are booked as a block and paid for in advance at £12 per hour.

All payments are non refundable. Payment reserves your space at a session.

All payments to be received before or at the first session of the term.

Missed session

In addition to the swap board the Pilates Movement Matters Studio runs two catch up hours a week. Please refer to the timetable for details.

These sessions are held purely as a catch up session and are not available to be booked on permanent basis.

Please check availability prior to attendance.

24 hour cancellation policy applies.

For any queries not covered by the terms and conditions please contact Joanna for clarification.

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