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I have gained a great deal form Joanna’s Pilates instruction in the last 15months. Each class flows seamlessly through a range of exercises that build on work already done. The classes are informative, enjoyable, and mentally and physically stretching, building my strength and flexibility, and deepening my understanding of how to meet new challenges. If only I had started 5 years ago!

I have found Joanna’s Pilates classes to be welcoming, informal and yet professional. Joanna’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology is second to none and she is able to share her knowledge so it is easily understood and applied to our workouts. She makes the classes fun, sage and varied using different equipment. My flexibility, balance and posture are improving each week and I look forward to my another term.

Jo’s Pilates classes are amazing – challenging yet enjoyable, and I have definitely noticed a huge difference since joining her sessions. My body is stronger and my back, weakened by two pregnancies, is much less painful. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone looking for a good Pilates instructor.

I have been doing Pilates for 12 years with many different teachers, but Joanna is the best! She teaches you how to do the exercises properly to gain the most benefit, and explains why. As a result, exercises I had been doing badly for years are now making a real difference.

Joanna is a friendly, personable instructor who is passionate and knowledgeable about Pilates. Classes are always friendly and welcoming, making Pilates challenging yet enjoyable. Joanna focuses on each individual within a group, adapting exercises to ensure that each class is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. I definitely haven’t hesitated to recommend Joanna and her classes.

Joanna is simply the best Pilates teacher I’ve met. Her classes are enjoyable and engaging and he knowledge is second to none. She encourages you to challenge yourself without being pushy, introduces new exercises to keep things fresh, and creates a warm environment to enjoy. I can’t wait for her new studio to open so I can sign up to more classes!

Having suffered form many years with an ongoing back and shoulder injury I attended a hospital based Pilates class for a short 6 week course and form there was recommended to attend a Pilates class on a regular basis to strengthen and improve my mobility in the affected areas.
I was lucky enough to find Joanna’s class in Herne Bay and have been attending now for the last three terms on a weekly basis.
Joanna has a huge understanding of anatomy and how the body should work and what is needed to keep our bodies in a good working condition. Her classes are informative, stretching and sometimes push you to make those lacking/lazy muscles work hard.
Each week the class has structure and professionalism to the session, working on different key areas to give over all full body strengthening.
I have enjoyed every Pilates class and look forward to the class each week. I have come to realise that we demand a lot form our bodies and we all need to spend the time to appreciate what our bodies do to take us through life and give back a little time with Pilates so we can get the best form our body to enjoy life to the full.
We all need Pilates in our lives – thank you Joanna and Movement Matters Pilates for sharing Pilates with me in my life.

I’m really enjoying my Pilate classes with Joanna. She is extremely knowledgeable and delivers the classes in a friendly, lively manner. She took the time to learn about my body, pinpoint areas for development and tailored individual advice.

I have always exercised and know the importance of stretching tight muscles. I started Pilates having suffered nerve damage through illness. My leg muscles were weakened making balancing difficult. Joanna was able to guide me through the basics of Pilates and support me as my core and limbs strengthened.
Joanna provides a friendly and innovative Pilates class. We are gently challenged in our class and over 3 years Joanna has coached us into becoming an advanced Pilates group. Joanna is able to tailor-make exercises to suit her clients and patiently shows us the way in our attempts at Pilates are not quite right. She always encourages us to push just a little bit more.

I come out of the class relaxed and stretched and ready for the trials of the week ahead. One of the highlights of my week!

Joanna is a brilliant teacher, the best Pilates teacher I have had. Her classes are challenging at times but, Joanna is very good at explaining what’s going on in your body and how to achieve the movement correctly. There is also a lot of humour and fun the classes fly by. I have also done couple of sessions in Joanna’s new Movement Matters Studio in Whitstable and have really enjoyed using the Spring Board equipment. The studio is very lovely to be in and with the small number of clients at the time, one gets Joanna’s full attention. I would highly recommend Joanna classes.

Joanna’s classes were a special find! She was recommended to me by a good friend after I was told I wasn’t good enough to join a class elsewhere! I’m a very active person with Osteoporosis.

Joanna is everything you could wish for in a Pilates teacher – she’s very approachable and calm and extremely professional regarding a person’s individual medical conditions. The classes heave a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with people of all ages. I highly recommend Joanna’s classes to anyone!

Joanna is a very professional and motivational instructor who adapts her classes for clients of all levels of capability. Classes are varied each week with different exercises and equipment. I started the classes about 18 months ago on the recommendation of another client who also suffered with back problems. I was concerned about damaging my back further, but Joanna took this on board and under her guidance I feel I have greatly improved and my back is much stronger. Classes are very popular which reflects on Joanna both professionally and personally and have no hesitation on recommending her classes to all levels.

I have been doing Pilates with Joanna in order to help with flexibility as a result of over-use, injuries to my back, shoulders and hips, for about 18 months. I have found her classes to have helped a great deal with suppleness and flexibility, and in reducing stiffness. Joanna is a friendly lady who has an excellent knowledge of physiology and these characteristics combined with good humour and enthusiasm, make her classes both effective and enjoyable.
It’s worthy of note that in the beginning I was sceptical that Pilates would be something I would find useful, as I am a regular runner and gym user. However, I am pleased to be able to say that I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I now recommend her classes to everyone, regardless of their fitness level!

Joanna runs a very professional class – that is enjoyable and beneficial. You always leave feeling good in yourself.

Excellent tuition in a friendly atmosphere.

I love Joanna’s enthusiasm and how she always explains, not only what we are doing, but why. I feel I understand my body better and am more conscious of it whatever I do. I think Pilates is a great way to keep the body moving properly.

Joanna’s class is fun and full of challenging exercises. I can feel that my body is stronger each time.

Friendly classes with a fantastic instructor.

I always look forward to coming to Joanna’s Pilates classes each week. She is an excellent teacher who not only explains and demonstrates the moves very clearly, but also explains the theory behind them, thus explaining why we are doing what we are doing. Very highly recommended.

Very knowledgeable teacher and finding Pilates very beneficial.

I continue to enjoy Joanna’s classes as she is interested in your personal development, also knowledgeable, enthusiastic and gives lots of support and encouragement.

Really enjoy the classes. Have had an aversion to exercise for a long time but now look forward to attending and can certainly feel the benefit.

I really look forward to my Pilates classes each week. Jo is an excellent teacher, and always explains why we are doing a particular exercise, and how it affects the different parts of our body. Making it interesting as well as enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend her class to anyone looking for a friendly and fulfilling exercise class.

I am so happy I joined Joanna’s class. Joanna is competent, professional and gives very clear instructions. Joanna understands people’s limitations and is very attentive.

Very good understanding of clients requirements and tailored exercises / classes. Jo is a superb teacher, friendly and supportive but always ready to challenge us. I would heighly recommend her.

Joanna’s classes are both fun and challenging. I am definitely feeling the benefits of attending.

Joanna is an experienced and very competent teacher. She explains every exercise in detail and always makes sure we do them correctly.

Attending Joanna’s Pilates classes on Wednesday mornings is a true highlight of my week, very highly recommended!

Joanna’s classes are excellent – different each week, easy to follow and definite work out every time. I would thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone!

Joanna is a fabulous teacher, she explains why and how we do each move. If you have a prior injury she will show you an alternative to help you improve and strengthen.

I have been attending classes at Chilham and have found Joanna’s teaching methods have helped me to achieve more flexibility of movement and has helped to improve my posture and balance.

I attend Joanna’s Thursday Men only class – after much encouragement from my wife, with a friend whose wife applied similar pressure. I have been impressed by Joanna’s patience and skill in dealing with novices and feel my own suppleness has improved and have used muscles of which I was totally unaware existed previously. I can thoroughly recommend Joanna’s classes.

Joanna is an excellent Pilates teacher taking the time to explain how the different exercises work different muscle groups. She matches the intensity of the lesson to the ability of the group she is teaching.

I find Joanna’s classes very friendly and great fun. Having a back problem I have always had to be careful about exercises. I do as much as I can, but if I need to stop Joanna doesn’t mind or she tells me an alternative way to achieve the same result.

Joanna’s classes were a special find! She was recommended to me by a good friend after I was told I wasn’t good enough to join a class elsewhere! I’m a very active person with Osteoporosis. Joanna is everything you could wish for in a Pilates teacher – she’s very approachable and calm and extremely professional regarding a person’s individual medical conditions. The classes heave a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with people of all ages. I highly recommend Joanna’s classes to anyone!

Joanna has been my Pilates instructor for 2 years and I highly recommend her classes. She caters for all abilities and there’s plenty opportunity to progress. I am now stronger and more flexible then I have been in years. Thanks Joanna for all your help and support.

Joanna always makes the classes fun, even when working us hard. She personalises exercises to suit different abilities, whilst encouraging us to go a bit further.

I love Joanna Pilates class. Her attention to everyone’s personal need and that of the group as a whole is second to none. Hard work but great fun. It’s really helped with my fitness and suppleness.

Joanna ensures that every class is a mixture of something new, something challenging and something tried and tested. I’ve enjoyed experiencing my improvement over the past 3 years and look forward to exercising more unused muscles in the future.

I have been going to Joanna’s Pilates lessons for over two years. I have become more flexible and stronger. Joanna has a friendly teaching style, delivering clear instructions and demonstrations. I look forward to going each week.

I would recommend Joanna’s Pilates classes very highly. She works hard to ensure the exercises are relevant for all abilities and tailors each exercise for you individually should you have a particular need in that area.

Joanna is a first class Pilates instructor, very friendly and makes you feel at ease from day one. I enjoy and have definitely benefited physically form her instructions. She is a lovely lady and will always make time to offer help and advice.

What a fantastic teacher and group at the 11.30 Pilates class at the Old Bakehouse, Herne Bay. Joanna explains every move expertly and how it works on our bodies. She quickly comes to our rescue if we are not doing the exercise quite right. I thoroughly recommend joining our class, we are a very friendly group of ladies.

Joanna’s help and guidance enabled me to regain full flexibility and strength to my shoulder after I broke and dislocated it in an accident. She also makes the lessons fun!

I am very happy to recommend Pilates to anyone who wishes to maintain their suppleness. It promotes confidence – especially in terms of balance, gain and muscle tone. Joanna manages members of the class to work to their own ability but also push themselves so that their fitness improves. I have also enjoyed working with the other class members (all male in my case) and believe that we encourage each other. The sessions are well organised and very reliable and I am happy to recommend Joanna’s Pilates class to anyone.

Joanna is a highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher who is always happy to explain any movement and how it affects our bodies. She is also aware that due to injury or illness not everyone is able to move in the same way and adjusts movements to accommodate those clients. I’ve been attending her classes for over 2 years and have noticed a huge improvement both with my balance and flexibility. My weekly Monday class is good for my body but also great fun!

Joanna certainly comes highly recommended as a Pilates Instructor. Not only does she pass on her excessive knowledge of each workout with sensitivity to individual needs but she explains how each exercise affects the body. I have experienced a lot of benefits since joining the class a year ago, including improved flexibility and balance. Importantly too we have fun and look forward always to the next session.

I really look forward to my weekly Pilates classes. The group is very friendly and Joanna is an excellent teacher with in-depth physiological knowledge. The classes are always varied with different equipment and exercises to help improve balance, stamina, suppleness and posture. Joanna always explains the purpose of the exercise and checks to be sure we are doing it correctly to avoid any possibility of injury.

Joanna is an exceptionally knowledgeable and thoughtful instructor. I consider her classes to be essential body maintenance!

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