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Which Class Suits You?

Matwork Pilates

Group Mat classes are recommended for those who have no serious injuries, who like the social aspect of a class environment.

The maximum number of clients is 12 but most mat classes run at 10 number to allow for occasional class swaps to accommodate client’s schedules.

Exercises are performed on the mat and you work with gravity and your own body weight. I also challenge your body by use of small apparatus – terra bands, magic circles, balance pads, small weights to name a few.

Most mat classes run as mixed ability classes, with one beginner and one Men Only class per week. In all classes I give you different versions of the same exercise taking into consideration clients varied abilities and goals.

Studio Pilates

Studio sessions are a mixture of matwork and springboard.

Springboard is a wall mounted unit with various levels of springs which challenge or support your body while exercising.

An increased resistance of the springs will create an even greater challenge and sense of connection to your deep stabilising muscles. It is possible to work arms and legs independently with varying spring resistance, this has a very positive effect on evening out imbalances.

It allows to fully stretch and mobilise the body, and it offers countless option for standing and functional work, which most people would benefit form.

Studio sessions are for all levels and abilities and are offered for maximum of 4 clients.

Private Sessions

One to one sessions will be completely designed to your personal needs and goals and you will have the teachers full attention.

The pace of session depends on you and you will receive a lot of feedback and corrections.

One to one sessions simply suit some clients best, however, there can be various other reasons why you might like to have a private session.

Recovery from a serious injury for example. During recovery you might require a tailored Pilates session designed around your abilities, with sessions evolving as you recovery progresses.

You might be apprehensive about the pace of a class, even a beginner one. One to one sessions will familiarise you with some exercises and instil confidence before joining a group class.

You might also like to have a one to one top up. This works for clients that attend a regular class and, on occasion, have a private session to either go over specific exercises or to gain a better understanding of their body restrictions and abilities.

If you would like to discuss any of the classes in more detail and how they can help you please click here to contact me.

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